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Recording of sales
These businesses normally use a notepad/notebook for recording sales, now, they have a creative point of sale system right in their phones where they can easily record every sale made or service offered with a tap on the screen.
End of sales calculation
These businesses make calculations to determine daily profit before the close of the day’s sale, now they need only click a button to get a summary of the day’s sales and get a summary of cash/card transactions from their customers.
Setting of targets
The application helps set daily sales target these businesses need to meet, and give advice on how to meet and exceed those targets in other for them to be able to meet with their business expenditures and cover loss.
Preparation of Financial Statements
The application uses verified data stored in the database from daily sales to prepare financial statements (P&L Statement, Balance Sheets and Cash flow Analysis) for these businesses, in other to make them creditworthy and accountable.
Business Loan Gateway
The aim of making these businesses credit-worthy and accountable, is so they can be inclusive in the financial plan of the nation. So, Naira Manager creates a link between these businesses using the financial statements prepared and financial institutions and loan/grant giving agencies.
Customer-Centric Updates
The development team of Naira Manager understands the needs of our target market via the participation of our research team, but we still ensure that each update rolled out to the customer appropriately fits the customers’ demands at the moment the update is being released to the market.