Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for using Naira Manager?

You'll need to have a business (either micro or small), the willingness to be taught, and the flexibility to adhere to advice.

Is there a cost for registering on Naira Manager?

No. Registration is absolutely free, and no card needed.

Account Usage

How do I create a Naira Manager account?

You can create a free account by following this link.

How do I setup my Naira Manager account?

Once you're done registering, you'll be matched with an agent if you've not already been matched. The agent will help you out, while the application also guides you.

Can I have multiple users on one Naira Manager account?

Yes. However, since multiple accounts would imply multiple managers for one business. Our recommendation would be to stick to one account for the purpose of management. If you want to create an account monitor, it can be done from your dashboard with our ‘Add Monitor’ feature.

Can I integrate my bank account to my Naira Manager account?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to have registered with CAC before I get started with Naira Manager?

No, you can be even a one product shop without any knowledge of business to get on board. Naira Manager will aid you grow and help with stand.

I forgot my password, can I do a reset?

Yes, you can by clicking ‘forgot password’ on the login page.

Can I change my account email and password?

Yes, this can be done on your profile. Follow this link.


How much does Naira Manager charge per month?

For users on the starter plan, they get to use Naira Manager for FREE. For the premium plan users, the charge per month is ₦1,000.


Why do I need Naira Manager?

Naira Manager is well designed to help small business owners keep track of their expenses and daily transactions with a tap on the screen. It automatically generates valuable financial statements for these business owners which will make their proposals for loans and overdrafts easier via the Naira Manager platform. With Naira Manager, they no longer require a notebook to keep track of their daily transactions which is slow and error prone. Naira Manager does it all.

How does it help my business?

Every business is an entity of it's own, and it's existence is dependent on the profit made from every transaction. Naira Manager caters for your business by taking account of it's expenditures, assets, liabilities, income etc. in order to give a health report of your business, either good or bad through analysis made with data you feed it with. Naira Manager also helps your business grow, by providing you with hints and tips from financial experts that relates to the efficient management and re-investment of your finance, as your growth is Naira Manager's priority.


How do I access the solution?

Naira Manager can be accessed by anyone through the URL: Due to the size of the application, it is pretty fast and flexible for use. With a good internet service on download and registration, it will take approximately 3 seconds (tested) for the application to get downloaded to the mobile device of the user, and it requires little or no internet connection for these users to daily input sales and track their expenses efficiently. With an understanding of the different kind of mobile devices used by our users, ranging from Techno to Gionee (all kinds of android devices), Naira Manager gives a super light-weight app (184kb).

Where can I download the solution?

Naira Manager meets a bunch of technological needs by just being a PWA solution. Unlike native mobile apps that depend on the operating system’s mobile application stores for download and update of any application to the mobile device, Naira Manager can be accessed with any mobile phone browser, which in turn downloads a light-weight (184kb) app that can work both online and offline using scripts and algorithms attached to the application.

How do I use the solution?

After entering the URL:, it's easy all the way up. You can login if you already have an account with us by clicking on "Login" or you can go ahead and "Register" to get an account with us. After registering, ensure you give us all required information about your business, your inventory, expenditures, liabilities, assets etc. Naira Manager will also guide you through.