Your preferred business companion

Naira Manager helps small businesses understand financial principles, simplifies accounting, book-keeping, and seeks to get them financially inclusive.

Business Growth

Naira Manager offers businesses the ability to scale up, thereby helping them build businesses that can adapt to a larger capacity without compromising performance or losing revenue.

Business Information

We provide you with general surveys, data, articles, books, references, and internal records that your business can use to guide its planning and operations

Daily sales

Sound financial tracking begins with accurate sales records. Track your daily sales, see how your business is performing today.


Business Management

We offer in-depth management insight to businesses allowing you customize development activities to meet your business management needs.

Financial Analysis

Naira Manager helps you evaluate your business in order to determine its profitability, liabilities, strengths and future earnings potential.

Access to Finance

Access to the right funding is crucial to the success of your business. With the help of our partner banks, we offer access to finance for credit-worthy businesses.

Sales Projection

Create sales forecast and get the right products to your customers in time to make your quarterly or annual revenue goals.

Expense Tracking

We offer you expense management solution on-the-go in real time. With all your expense reporting needs in one solution, it's easy to use, manage and review.

Business Valuation

A reliable valuation for your business is a pain to calculate. Naira Manager gives you the tools you need to instantly calculate and defend the value of your company.

Business Development

Naira Manager offers businesses simple accounting and management processes. We have been supporting the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Safe and Secured

We take account security seriously and our account is secured and protected against malicious attacks just to give you a safe and seamless experience on the go.

Financial Management

Our solution allows for effortless daily financial management, so that our customers can focus on their core business operations while we handle the analytics.

Financial Intelligence

Our leading-edge financial information enables you gain competitive advantage to make informed business decisions and form effective strategies to aid business growth.

Business Planning

Get step-by-step instructions through the entire process of creating, managing and deploying a perfect business solution plan without any hassle, just with your mobile device.

Business Networking

With our ever growing business network, business owners can meet to form business relationships, recognize and create business opportunities for every member.


Manage your business and gain access to business management with a tap on the screen.

Offline First

Fully-featured app experiences without a network connection using PWA. Interacting with your dashboard offline is made possible.

Debt Servicing

We help you manage your debts and pay them off at a more affordable rate by making reduced monthly payments through our Debt Servicing Plan (DSP).


We offer you a payment solution channel that makes payments easier, faster, convenient and secure.

Agent Banking

With our Agent Banking, you can perform secured light banking services such as Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Fund transfer and Bills payment for your business.

Business Visibility Coming Soon

Your business can stand out, no matter how small you may "think" you are. Together, we would reach the world.

Business Modelling Coming Soon

Building a business just got easier with this tool that helps you model your business like that of the existing big players in your industry..

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Naira Manager will help bring out the analyst within you, with a swift guide to help make your accounting journey become a success.